New eResources at Harvard

The Harvard Library has an astounding amount of resources, with new titles coming in every day!  For help efficiently navigating it all, make a time to meet with a librarian or contact the Reference Desk.

New resources at Harvard

Access Newspaper Archive (

More than 400 years of family history, small-town events, world news and more. Explore your family tree and discover your history in the world’s largest online newspaper archive.

The Baltimore Sun  (1837-1987)

Read about (for example) the Orioles of 1925 or what was happening to asset management firm Legg Mason in 1936.

The Christian Science Monitor (1908-1999)

Read about (for example) the hey day of the US steel industry, the Sykes Picot agreement as it was being formed, or the partition of Africa.

Communication Abstracts

Covers major journals in communication, mass media and other closely-related fields of study.

Corpus Montaigne

All the works published in Montaigne’s lifetime and after his death by his “daughter-in-law” Marie de Gournay; all the editions published from the 16th to the 20th century, their annotation and critical apparatus.

Encyclopédie de l’Islam

The Encyclopédie de l’Islam is the French edition of the new (2nd) The Encyclopaedia of Islam, with more than ten thousand pages of information of the Islamic world.

Klapp Online

French Bibliography from 1991 to 2011 in German, English and French of 320,000 titles, 80,000 authors and 110,000 subjects.

Proquest History Vault

NAACP Papers – Board of Directors, Annual Conferences, Major Speeches and National Staff Files

Proquest History Vault – Part 1

NAACP Papers, Major Campaigns, Part 1 – Education, Voting, Housing, Employment, and Armed Forces

Proquest History Vault – Part 2

NAACP Papers, Major Campaigns Part 2

Proquest History Vault – Part 3

NAACP Papers, Major Campaigns, Part 3 – Legal Department Files

RIPM Online Archive of Music Periodicals (Full-Text)

Original volumes, reprints, microforms and photocopies of music periodicals!

SNL Finance

News data and analysis on banks & thrifts, financial services & insurance companies, and REITS; includes canary tests, regulatory filings and proprietary news.

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