Major Law Firms Recommend Finance Classes

The results of a survey of major law firms published last week by faculty at Harvard Law School suggest that law students take classes on accounting, corporate finance, and financial statement analysis.

“The large law firms that hire Law School students have always generated most of their revenues by assisting businesses in structuring and litigating over complex financial transactions,” [Professor Jesse Fried wrote]. “What’s different today, perhaps, is that law firms are under increasing pressure from clients to be more efficient, and so the bars for hiring and promoting associates have been raised.” See Tyler S. Olkowski, HLS Study:  Major Law Firms Recommend Finance Classes, CRIMSON, Feb. 23, 2014.

One way to gain these skills is by registering for formal courses.  Another is to explore free online resources, like

In addition, the Harvard library provides access to great print and online financial accounting books; examples:

Contact the library anytime with question on resources and services – especially for learning accounting and finance principles.

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