Vox Gov: US Government Accountability Made Easier

Harvard now provides access to a new and exciting research tool called Vox Gov (HUID & PIN).

Vox Gov allows you to easily search for any government document and communication from across all three branches of government.

For example, a search for the term Volcker Rule will tell you who in the government is saying what – whether in formal regulatory documents, press releases, CRS reports or in less formal channels like YouTube, Twitter & Facebook!

You can further narrow your results by who is saying what by date, party affiliation, gender – and more!  Looks like, for example, that Democrats discuss the Volcker Rule at twice the rate of Republicans.  And that Republicans seem to think the Rule is anti-competitive.  Look it up!

Vox Gov has just replaced Google for this librarian – when it comes to research on federal rules, legislation and other government activity and communication.

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