Designer in Residence at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab

The Harvard Library Innovation Lab and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society are looking for a web designer to help us build tools to explore the open Internet and define the future of libraries.

We are academics, activists, and entrepreneurs — often all three at once. As the Berkman Center mission statement explains, “Our method is to build out into cyberspace, record data as we go, self-study, and share. Our mode is entrepreneurial nonprofit.” Or as the Library Innovation Lab puts it: “We hack libraries to bring out all the great stuff they have to offer.”

We are seeking a designer who can work with our multi-disciplinary team to build beautiful and effective web tools. You should have vision and passion to contribute to our broad vision for the Internet, libraries, and society, as well as energy and deep technical expertise to deliver on our ambitious goals.

Projects range in scope from fast-moving prototypes to long-term innovations. Some are in full production, with minor tweaks needed, and some would benefit from your vision for wholesale rebranding and revision. Examples of projects to which you might contribute include, a web and link archiving service; H2O, a free platform for creating, sharing and adapting open course materials; and research projects focusing on reinforcing the overall health of the Internet such as Internet Monitor, Chilling Effects, and Amber.

The successful Designer in Residence will be an experienced collaborator with outstanding digital prototyping and front-end development skills and both a keen eye for detail and the ability to see a bigger perspective. He or she will have experience designing with accessibility, usability, and best practices in mind. This is a term limited position running through Spring and Summer semesters (January-August 2015).


BA; experienced web designer with 5+ years of professional experience (2-4 years in web development) and a strong portfolio of compelling UI/UX design.

• Familiar with back-end implementations and front-end presentations
• Responsive to feedback and at ease with rapid iteration based on that feedback
• Skilled with graphic editing tools
• Modern HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript expertise
• Experienced with responsive web design
• Expert understanding of effective UI/UX patterns and best practices
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize work while working on multiple simultaneous projects.
• Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills, positive attitude and sense of fun.
• Experience working with multiple stakeholders on a given project.

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