Practice Like a Lawyer with PLI

HLS now featuring Practising Law Institute (PLI)

Practising Law Institute’s Discover PLUS (PLI) provides access to Treatises, Answer Books, and Forms for standard US practice, and is especially strong for transactional materials.

In addition, PLI offers Course Handbooks and Program Transcripts from its seminars and publications.  PLI has a ton of very specific guidance by lawyers for lawyers.

Program Transcripts are especially helpful for learning about an evolving point of law – where you can learn from expert lawyers on how best to advise clients and manage deals.

For example, there is unique guidance on customizing derivatives contracts, or on advising private equity firms on making the most of IPO lock-ups.

PLI platform content listing; limited PLI treatises (books) are available on Bloomberg Law.

For more guidance on transactional law practice, check out Practical Law (West).

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