Coming soon: a new roof for Langdell Hall!

IMG_7059Close observers may have noticed the scaffolding and yellow clips around the top of Langdell Hall. We’re excited to share the news that the reason for them is that the Library is planning for a new acquisition this summer in the form of a new roof for Langdell Hall. We’re very much looking forward to having a fresh covering to keep both our collection and our patrons well protected.

Construction will begin right after Commencement and is projected to finish around Thanksgiving. As you might guess, there will be some noise disruption involved with this project. As we get closer to the start of the project, we’ll post additional information about noise mitigation measures.

1 thought on “Coming soon: a new roof for Langdell Hall!”

  1. And about time. The one thing I asked Jim Vorenberg for in 1981 was to fix the roof. When it rained, we had to set out buckets in the reading room. He did fix it but I’m glad to see another one after all these years.

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