Nerdy valentines for law students

If you’re looking for the perfect way to express both ardor and nerdiness this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got some suggestions for you!

First, NPR has a nice crop of valentines every year, though we gravitate toward the 2012 editions which include one that talks of courting supremely, and the 2011 editions, which include one that talks about violating Rule 47 CFR Part 73 of the FCC Radio Broadcast Rules in the name of speaking love (#6 in the slideshow). Nothing gets our law librarian hearts beating faster like a good citation to primary law!

We’re also fans of Georgetown University Law Weekly’s valetines. Whether your beloved favors the jurisprudence of Scalia or Ginsburg, you’ll be all set.

Closer to home, the Harvard Library also has a new crop of e-valentines to share with those you love. This year’s selection includes images of an old school card catalogue, a flower from Emily Dickinson’s herbarium, and a photo of Julia and Paul Child.

Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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