Hiring! LIL wants your engineering energy!








Our Library Innovation Lab wants your engineering energy to make H2O even better!

H2O is an open source platform for creating free, open-licensed, remixable textbooks. It’s used by Jonathan Zittrain, Lawrence Lessig and many other faculty members and students at Harvard Law School and other schools. It’s poised for significant expansion and ready for an upgrade. Over the next two years, we’ll launch and scale a major new version of the H2O platform, and you will lead our efforts to improve H2O’s functionality, usability and reliability.

While you’ll primarily work in Ruby on Rails and Javascript in H2O, we’ll provide plenty of space for you to play. We’re a collaborative, experimental lab, and we want you to bring us your side projects and be excited about ours. This is a great spot for people who are enthusiastic about the web and the future of libraries.

We can’t wait to talk to you!

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