Wanted: HLS student views!

The Library is looking at user experience regarding the use of library space and is holding several focus groups with students to explore how you use the library. The focus groups will be led by Jonathan Austin of Austin Architects and will explore literally (on a map) where you do certain things in the library (study, talk, collaborate, etc) and where you would like to do those activities (or others). They will also be asking questions and trying to get a sense from you about how you engage with the space in the library – from seating to lighting and more.

These focus groups will take no more than 1 hour and five sessions are available during either the lunch or early dinner hour.  Food will be provided. 

We would be grateful for your participation and only ask that you sign up for one session in advance.

You may do so by emailing Gail Harris (gharris@law) and ranking your preferences from 1-5 (or marking yourself as unavailable during a certain time period). Please let us know by Thursday 10/6 of your availability.

  • 10/12 Wednesday @ noon
  • 10/12 Wednesday @ 5pm
  • 10/13 Thursday @ noon
  • 10/13 Thursday @ 5pm
  • 10/14 Friday @ noon

Thank you!

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