This week: Research Boot Camp for Activists

work bootsCompelled to get involved in advocating for political and social change? Just want to stay current on the issues that matter to you?

With many people feeling a sense of urgency to participate in activism, the HLS Library is offering a Research Boot Camp for Activists. This workshop will give you research tools and tips to maximize your effectiveness on the ground as an advocate.

In our first session, Thursday, February 2, 5:00-6:00pm, learn to evaluate sources for validity, learn to research from anywhere, and learn how to find current congressional information including how to contact the staff of elected representatives.

In our second session, Friday, February 3, 1:30-2:30pm, you will learn how to find executive orders and presidential documents, regulations and administrative information, and get an introduction to asylum research.

Both sessions will meet in the Library Computer Lab. Feel free to come to either one or both. Computers are available, but feel free to bring your laptop if you prefer. Can’t make it? Stay tuned and we’ll be sharing our accompanying research guide.

Thanks to the Dean of Students Office for co-sponsoring this event with us.

Note: this post was updated to reflect our new time for Friday’s workshop.

3 thoughts on “This week: Research Boot Camp for Activists”

  1. Any chance this training could be made available to progressives who are not students nor, necessarily, Law School affiliates, rather merely concerned (i.e. scared) citizens who have come to realize over the past few days that this problem is not just going to go away without our intervention but rather calls upon us to hone our activist skills as well as double down on our commitment?

    1. Please stay tuned! We will be posting about our activist research guide that will have most of the information from the sessions with links to many resources that are freely available to the public.

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