Renovations update and photos

We promised you a peek at an architectural rendering of the spaces we are renovating (see here for an overview and FAQ). Here’s a rendering of a portion of the 3rd floor south, which will be home to our research librarians, Teaching, Learning, & Curriculum staff, reference collection, and collaboration space.

Rendering of 3 north area
Rendering of 3 south area by Austin Architects

We’ve also got a few photos to share of the construction progress so far. We’ll be sharing these as we get them on our Instagram account going forward, so be sure to follow us there!

First we have some full waste bins. In the middle, a look at the take down of the ceiling in the 2nd floor south. Finally, you can see that the 3rd floor south, which started a week earlier, is further long: the carpet is gone and the pillars have been taken down to just the support beams. Stay tuned for more updates!
Renovation photo of waste bins

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