Library Renovation

We completed the first phase of renovation in Langdell Hall. The library team vacated two floors of Areeda Hall (about 5,000 square feet), and are at the tail end of consolidating our collection from Lewis Hall into Langdell. As a result of these consolidations, we made some changes to the 2nd and 3rd floors of Langdell.

What is new?

Private Talking Spaces

In the elevator lobby on 3, we encourage you to use our private talking spaces. After testing a prototype last year, we learned that private talking spaces met a critical need of a private place to take and make calls. We encourage you to step inside and take that call from a potential employer, or check in with your family and friends.

Printers, scanners and database terminals
Opposite the Private Talking Spaces you will find a dedicated room for the library’s book scanners, database terminals, and printer/copier/scanners connected to Papercut.

Research assistance & educational technology
Ever have trouble finding a librarian or members of our TLC (educational technology) staff? They’ve moved to the 3rd floor. In our new Reference/TLC space, you can meet with our team of librarians and staff – experts in using technology for teaching and learning and in finding and using legal and non-legal information for academic and practice purposes. We encourage to meet with a librarian about your research needs and to hone your legal research skills in formal and informal workshops.

Study space
You will also find four large study rooms available for student use after 5pm. Our three group study rooms are available for reservation in the HLS room booking system. Our largest conference room, previously unavailable and located on the 5th floor of Areeda, now Langdell 394, is open after 5pm and offers another space to study or work collaboratively. This room cannot be reserved.

The 3rd floor also offers study carrels on 3N, tables and soft seating on 3S, and small tables for study or playing chess along the balcony.

Food Policy
We have revised our food policy to accommodate those who need sustenance, but don’t want to pull away from their work. Please enjoy a snack and drinks (in lidded containers) in the library. We still prohibit full meals (and odiferous foods) from the library. So head over to the Hark for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Taking a study break is necessary for effective learning.

But what about….

Study space? This summer’s renovation was the first phase, in response to space needs, of making improvements to the library. Next summer, we will launch a second renovation to improve the space on Langdell 2.

We hope to offer maximum flexibility to the space while providing a variety of types of spaces for study and learning. Over the last two years we’ve sought input from students on their ideal library – and we are using that feedback to inform our decisions. While we won’t make everyone 100% happy, we strive to provide maximum access to our space, our resources and our expert staff.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns please let me know. You can reach me at [email protected]. Or swing by my office – Langdell 285. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about space, learning, research, and how the library can be a partner in your success.

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