Excel on exams and papers with tools from the Library

Congratulations on making it to the end of the academic year.  As you prepare for exams and finish up your papers and projects, check out some of these resources from the HLS Library to help make the process a little easier:

Prepare for HLS Exams guide – We’ve organized some information and resources from the Library and elsewhere at HLS to help get you through this stressful part of law school, including links to study aids, tutorials and past exams; lists of recommended books on law school exam strategies; research basics on 1L topics; and a few ideas for short study breaks.  Also find links to exam information from the Registrar’s office and self-care offerings from the Dean of Students Office’s Wellness program. 

NEW! Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library – If you enjoy study aids like Examples & Explanations, Glannon Guides or Casenote Legal Briefs, now you access them for free on your computer, tablet or mobile device whether you’re on campus or off.  The Library’s subscription includes hundreds of titles covering topics from contracts to conflict of laws.  Create a personalized login to highlight, take notes or add bookmarks to text. Access is controlled by HLS IP address and is limited to the Harvard Law School community. Off-campus access is controlled by HLS account username and password.

Bluebook Citation for LLM Students – If you’re an LLM student writing a paper, this is the guide for you.  In addition to downloadable charts and slides, this guide is packed full of tips based on FAQs from Library Bluebook training sessions – from what to do when the Bluebook doesn’t have a rule for citing something you find online, to working with non-English sources, to using signals (see, see also …) correctly.  JD students will find this helpful as well.

Finally, remember to take a break now and then.  Play a game, take a nap, meditate, take a walk … anything that helps you refresh and recharge.  The Take a Study Break guide has a bunch of ideas.  And anytime you’re looking for some “portable quiet”, stop by the circulation desk or reference area for free earplugs.

Best of luck!

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