Community Care for COVID-19


We are going to miss seeing you in the library and around campus. But we will still be here to help you with your research (we’ll all be zoom pros!), including access to our print collections. We’ll figure it out; we won’t leave you in the lurch.

We are actively working to get all course material loaded onto your canvas sites for ALL courses. Our aim is to get it up next week; prioritizing readings for the week of March 23. West Publishing has agreed to give gratis access to their casebooks for the remainder of the semester and we are working on getting the other publishers to give us free access to their casebooks too.

We’ve built a library guide that hopefully answers many of your questions – include tips on discerning fake news – because we want you to have the truth at your fingertips.

Be well. Safe travels to wherever you are headed. We hope to see you back on campus soon. We really are going to miss you. Really.

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