Prayer, Meditation, and Private Talking Spaces at HLS

Harvard Law School Students: Did you know HLS has a quiet space reserved for prayer and meditation? The Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Space is located inside the Student Organization Workroom on the second floor of Wasserstein Hall. The Dean of Students Office manages the space and works with individual students and groups to make a schedule that accommodates all. The space is open 24/7 and is limited to student use.

The HLS Student Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Space. A wood-paneled room with light-colored carpeting, lockers along the left side, and a wall of window on the right side with frosted glass along the lower half.
Harvard Law School Student Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Space


When you’re studying in the HLS Library, do you ever need to take a quick phone call? There’s a place for that! Private talking spaces are located on the 2nd floor near the restrooms and the 3rd floor near the center stairs. There are no phone spaces on the 4th floor. To avoid disturbing others, please limit your phone calls to those areas.

Private talking space at the HLS Library: A dark wooden door with a window in the middle leads to a small cubicle with a shelf and a stool.
A private talking space at the Harvard Law School Library. Photo by Theresa Knapp, 2021.
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