HeinOnline’s LGBTQ+ Rights Collection

Happy Pride! HLS faculty, students, and staff have access to HeinOnline, which includes a great resource: the LGBTQ+ Rights Collection. Content in the database is grouped into six areas of focus: Marriage and Family, Employment Discrimination, Military Service, AIDS and Health Care, Public Spaces and Society, Supreme Court Briefs, and Historical Attitudes and Analysis. Learn more from this introductory research guide created by HeinOnline.

The White House is lit with the colors of the rainbow, 2015. This image is a work of an employee of the U.S. federal government, made as part of that person’s official duties. As such, it is in the public domain.

HLS faculty, staff, and students can log in using their HarvardKey: https://bit.ly/HlsLoginHOLLGBTQ

If you’re affiliated with another law school, you probably also have access to HeinOnline. Check with your librarians!

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