HLS Library Event: Scholars and Artists Discuss the Death Penalty

Tuesday March 7, 4 to 5 pm

WCC 2019 Milstein West AB

Open to HUID holders

Join the HLS Library for a conversation moderated by Harvard’s 300th Anniversary University Professor Martha Minow, featuring professor John Bessler from the University of Baltimore Law School, Boston-based photographer Lou Jones, and painter/artist/writer Antonio Martorell. This event is part of the Library’s yearlong series in which experts examine capital punishment from diverse perspectives. Check out our related exhibit, Visualizing Capital Punishment: Spectacle, Shame, and Sympathy, open to HUID holders in Langdell Hall weekdays 9-5, and open to all online.

This event is free and will be recorded. If you, or an event participant, require disability-related accommodations, please contact Accessibility Services at [email protected]. Access to Harvard Law School buildings is currently limited to Harvard ID holders.

Event announcement with white text on a purple background. A square B&W photograph by Lou Jones shows a sitting man facing the camera, framed inside the bent elbow of a man who stands facing him with his back to the camera. A rectangular image in tones of rust and purple by Antonio Martorell shows an execution rack superimposed over an image from Francisco Goya's Los Caprichos series.
Event announcement. Image credits: Lou Jones: Final Exposure: Robert West, http://fotojones.com/final-exposure; Antonio Martorell, Contra la Pena de Muerte, http://bit.ly/HlslMartorell seq. 6.
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