HLS Library Book Talk: The Bonobo Sisterhood

Join the HLS Library on Thursday March 23 at 12:30pm for a HLS Library Book Talk in Milstein West. This event features a discussion on The Bonobo Sisterhood with author Diane Rosenfeld and moderator Richard Wrangham. This event is free and will be recorded. Lunch will be served. If you, or an event participant, require disability-related accommodations, please contact Accessibility Services at [email protected]. Register at bit.ly/RosenfeldMar2023.

More about the book from HarperCollins:
Urgent, timely, and original,The Bonobo Sisterhood harnesses the power of the #MeToo movement into a road map for sex equality in humans. Our closest evolutionary cousins, the bonobos have a unique social order in which the females protect one another from male aggression. The takeaway? Evolutionarily, bonobos have eliminated sexual coercion and enjoy a more peaceful, cooperative, and playful existence.

Rosenfeld explores the implications of the bonobo model for human societies and systems of governance. How did law develop to elude women’s rights so consistently? What difference does it make that we live in a patriarchal democracy? And what do bonobos have to offer as living proof that patriarchy is not inevitable? Most important, how can women break down barriers among themselves to unleash their power as a unified force? Rosenfeld has answers. The Bonobo Sisterhood takes us through real-life stories from the courtroom to the classroom and beyond, charting a new vision of a collective self-defense among women and their allies. It offers an action plan accessible to everyone immediately. This is an open invitation to anyone who wants to challenge the status quo.

The Bonobo Sisterhood book cover
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