HLS Library Book Talk: Wesley Hohfeld A Century Later

Join the HLS Library on Wednesday March 8 at 12:30pm for a virtual HLS Library Book Talk. This event features a discussion on Wesley Hohfeld A Century Later with editors Shyamkrishna Balganesh (Columbia Law School), Ted M. Sichelman (University of San Diego Law School), and Henry E. Smith (HLS) with panelists Emily L. Sherwin (Cornell Law School) and John H. Schlegel (University at Buffalo School of Law). Registration is required, register for the Zoom link at https://bit.ly/SmithMar2023.

This event is free and will be recorded. If you, or an event participant, require disability-related accommodations, please contact Accessibility Services at [email protected].

More about the book from Cambridge University Press:
Wesley Hohfeld is known the world over as the legal theorist who famously developed a taxonomy of legal concepts. His contributions to legal thinking have stood the test of time, remaining relevant nearly a century after they were first published. Yet, little systematic attention has been devoted to exploring the full significance of his work. Beginning with a lucid, annotated version of Hohfeld’s most important article, this volume is the first to offer a comprehensive look at the scope, significance, reach, intricacies, and shortcomings of Hohfeld’s work. Featuring insights from leading legal thinkers, the book also contains many of Hohfeld’s previously unseen personal papers, shedding new light on the complex motivations behind Hohfeld’s projects. Together, these selected papers and original essays reveal a portrait of a multifaceted and ambitious intellectual who did not live long enough to see the impact of his ideas on the study of law.

Book cover of Wesley Hohfeld A Century Later. A black and white photograph of Wesley Hohfeld: a man with nez pince glasses, a dark suit jacket and tie, and white stiff collar.
Wesley Hohfeld A Century Later
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