HLS Library Book Talk: The Making of Environmental Law

Join the HLS Library on Wednesday April 12 at 12:30pm for a HLS Library Book Talk in Milstein West. This event features a discussion on The Making of Environmental Law, 2nd ed. with author Richard J. Lazarus and panelists Martha Minow and Andrew Mergen. This event is free and will be recorded, open to all Harvard ID holders. Register at https://bit.ly/LazarusApr2023 by April 5 for a complimentary lunch to enjoy at the talk. If you, or an event participant, require disability-related accommodations, please contact Accessibility Services at [email protected].

More about the book from The University of Chicago Press:
For the second edition, Richard J. Lazarus returns to his landmark book and takes stock of developments over the last two decades. Drawing on many years of experience on the frontlines of legal and policy battles, Lazarus provides a theoretical overview of the challenges that environmental protection poses for lawmaking, related to both the distinctive features of US lawmaking institutions and the spatial and temporal dimensions of ecological change. The book explains why environmental law emerged in the manner and form that it did in the 1970s and traces how it developed over sequent decades through key laws and controversies. New chapters, composing more than half of the second edition, examine a host of recent developments. These include how Congress dropped out of environmental lawmaking in the early twenty-first century; the shifting role of the judiciary; long-overdue efforts to provide environmental justice to disadvantaged communities; and the destabilization of environmental law that has resulted from the election of Presidents with dramatically clashing environmental policies. 

As the nation’s partisan divide has grown deeper and the challenge of climate change has dramatically raised the perceived stakes for opposing interests, environmental law is facing its greatest challenges yet. This book is essential reading for understanding where we have been and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

The Making of Environmental Law book cover, an illustration of a blue and green globe with an orange background.
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