It’s exam season again!

This is an updated version of an April 15, 2022 blog post, featuring updated research guides, links, and new animal pictures.

It’s hard to believe the school year is almost over! As you prepare for exams, remember that your friends at the HLS Library are here to provide research support, exam prep tips, a building full of friendly faces … and some cute animal pictures. We’re here for you, and we know you’ve got this!

Feline best friends Finn and Wolfie give each other a little moral support. Courtesy of HLSL staff member Emily Neill, 2023.

Prepare for exams

Research Librarian Catherine Biondo has updated her guide to help you prepare for law school exams. It contains links to study aids, past exams, research guides, ideas for study breaks and wellness, the HLS Registrar’s exams information site, and pictures of the late lamented Grumpy Cat in full exam denial mode.

Gabriel the orange cat is hard at work at the computer. Photo courtesy of HLSL staff member Patty Sutton, 2023.

Keep calm and carry on

Did you know that the Harvard Center for Wellness offers Harvard community members a wealth of wellness resources? Offerings include courses on yoga, meditation, and more; bodywork such as massage and acupuncture; a list of quiet places on campus; and free recorded meditations. Tap into a few of these to keep centered during this stressful season.

Big dog Shiloh has found his bliss on a comfy chair. Photo courtesy of HLSL staff member Jocelyn Kennedy, 2023.

Take a break!

Had enough of exams? Take a break! Research librarian Catherine Biondo has created a guide filled with great ideas for study breaks around campus and farther afield. Ideas include getaways, tourist activities, movies and books, games, humor blogs, virtual happy hours, and much more.

Murray, Gus, and Leonard: three feline friends ready for a study break. Photo courtesy of HLSL staff member Lesley Schoenfeld, 2023.

All of your two-footed and four-footed friends at the HLS Library wish you a productive, healthy, and successful exam season. We are here to help, and we are cheering you on!

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