Summer Research Help: Three Research Guides

Get your summer legal research projects off to a good start with help from three of our recently updated research guides!

Guide to Local Law Libraries

Check out HLSL Research Librarian / Library Instruction Coordinator AJ Blechner’s newly updated Research Guide to Local Law Libraries. Whether you’re working at a law job, or need access to legal resources to learn about a legal problem affecting your life, consider your local law library. These libraries typically focus on the laws of their region, and carry materials on a wide variety of legal subjects. Learn more about different types of local law libraries, the types of resources they have, how law librarians can (and cannot) help, and how to find legal help.

Guide to Transactional Lawyering: Resources and Tips

Do your summer or post-graduate plans include working on legal transactions? Our Guide to Transactional Lawyering: Resources and Tips, recently updated by HLSL Research Librarian Lisa Lilliott Rydin, can help! Designed for law students, interns, and summer or new associates, the guide covers definitions, general guidance, resources for specific subject areas, and much more.

Prepare to Practice: Advancing Your Legal Research

Looking to brush up on your legal research skills, and perhaps learn some new ones, for your summer job? AJ Blechner has updated our research guide, Prepare to Practice: Advancing Your Legal Research, with you in mind. Geared toward students starting internships, summer employment, or a new job, this guide will walk you though advanced legal research concepts such as 50-state surveys, legislative history, federal regulation, court dockets, sample forms, and current awareness.⠀

And don’t forget …

Your HLS Library is here to help you all summer. Connect with us using any of the methods listed at the end of the Prepare to Practice guide. Good luck this summer, wherever you are and whatever you do!⠀

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