Professor Sunstein is seeking Teaching Fellows for his Fall 2024 undergraduate course, GenED 1102: Making Change When Change Is Hard. The course aims to engage students in a variety of disciplines as they explore approaches to social and large-scale change. Topics covered will include both theoretical perspectives on concepts like bias and polarization, as well as case studies on issues such as abortion, gun rights, and climate change.

The course meets this coming fall, Wednesdays from 12:45-2:45PM. There is a required weekly section component, offered at a variety of times on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

TF requirements:
• Upper-level Harvard Law student or L.L.M, Harvard Kennedy School student, or a Ph.D. candidate in relevant area of study
• Strong preference given to those who are available to attend lecture
• Strong preference given to those who are able to TF more than 1 section
• Available for at least 6, sometimes up to 12 hours a week (which includes weekly class attendance, weekly section, section preparation, grading midterms and finals during the relevant weeks, and debriefing with other TFs)

Students interested in applying, and who meet the above requirements, should send their resume or CV to with a brief (300 words or less) statement about their interest in the role or the course topic by May 8, 2024. Thank you!