Judge Nancy Gertner is seeking students for 3 independent study projects:

A) Research in the use of the RICO statute to deal with predominantly African American street gangs in Boston between 1994-2011 (this is part of my book Incomplete Sentences)

B) Research on the First Circuit Court of Appeals decisions between 1994-2016 with respect to:
i) habeas corpus cases (also part of my book, Incomplete Sentences)
ii) outcomes and analysis 1983 cases (part of another project concerning the extent to which civil rights cases fail at the appellate level no matter the party affiliation)
iii) sentencing  appeals (Incomplete Sentences)
iv) methodology – how often they find that a party has waived an argument or missed a deadline, and whether those number are different when the party in question is the government (see (ii)

C) Research on the District of Massachusetts 2005-2016 with respect to a) sentencing (how much it has or has not changed since the Booker decision)  b) employment discrimination (the extent to which employment cases fail at the district court level no matter the party affiliation).

Please contact her directly with your interest: ngertner@law.harvard.edu