If you will be traveling abroad under HLS auspices (i.e., with funding and/or for credit) over Winter Term, but did not attend one of the mandatory Winter Term International Travel Pre-Departure Sessions on November 14 or 16, you will need to attend the makeup session which will take place on Thursday, November 30 at 12:30pm in WCC 3034.

You should also review the pre-departure travel requirements outlined at https://hls.harvard.edu/ils/opportunities-abroad/international-travel-procedures/ and included in the email sent by Dean Ball on November 8.

We expect that all HLS students will follow HLS international travel procedures and meet the requirements of sponsoring programs for projects abroad; failure to do so in the specified timeframe may lead to revocation of funding or a student being deemed ineligible to apply for future HLS funding for projects abroad (those that would be conducted while enrolled at HLS and/or post-graduate fellowships).