Hometown: New Jersey/Pennsylvania

Branch/MOS: U.S. Marine Corps; 6531/Aviation Ordnance

Rank: Sergeant (E-5)

What were you concerned about after being accepted? How has being a HLS student addressed those concerns?

Being blown away by everyone with far better academic credentials. HLS addressed this concern, not by de-emphasizing the importance of academic success, but by de-emphasizing the importance of competing against your fellow classmates. This has created a more academically supportive environment where the focus is placed on everyone helping each other learn and succeed.

How has your military experience helped you at HLS?

The military has helped prepare me for law school by significantly raising my stress tolerance. Cold calling doesn’t come close to being screamed at by an angry Drill Instructor (Sorry, Professor Mann). Additionally, I worked with explosives for nearly four years. Unless the final exam can explode if you do something incorrectly, I think I’ll be just fine.

What motivated you to apply?

I always love a challenge. That is one of the main reasons I joined the Marine Corps. Once I decided to go all in with my applications to law school, I took a shot at the title and applied to the best law school in the country.

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