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Support and Guide Today’s HLS Students

The Amicus program Student-Alumni Connect is a network of HLS alumni for current HLS students. The goal of Student-Alumni Connect is for HLS students to search and reach out to HLS alumni with quick questions or advice on their upcoming careers based on your location, employment, and other topics related to being a law student or a lawyer. This allows HLS alumni the opportunity to give a little bit of time to generously share your knowledge with HLS students.

You always have control of your profile in Amicus. By default students will see your name, Harvard degree(s), home city/state/country, and current employer name/city/state/country. See below for complete details of every field that will be visible by default. You may opt out of sharing even this basic information, but we hope that all alumni will recognize the many and mutual benefits of engaging with students through Amicus.

Log in to Amicus today to explore Student-Alumni Connect.

How It Works

  • Your Student-Alumni Connect profile is connected to your HLS Alumni Directory profile. If you have already filled out information for the alumni directory function in Amicus, you will not need to add any information for Student-Alumni Connect. You may log in to edit this information at any time and adjust visibility preferences.
  • Alumni will only be able to see a student’s Amicus profile when the student has initiated contact with the alumni.
  • If a student contacts you through Amicus Student-Alumni Connect, you will receive an email (to your preferred email on file) that you have a message from a student in Amicus. You may reply directly to that email or login to Amicus to respond through the Amicus messaging system.
  • If you prefer not to participate in Student-Alumni Connect and would like to not be visible to HLS students you can contact the Amicus team at .
  • The information that will be visible to students by default is:
    • HLS education – HLS class year, program, JD section and honors
    • Harvard education (if applicable) – all Harvard schools, all Harvard degrees, Harvard College house, all Harvard honors
    • Name – first name, middle name, last name, last name at graduation, suffix
    • Home address – city, state, country (note: NO street address will be visible to students)
    • Business address – employer name, city, state, country