George Taoultsides

So You Say You Want a State Legislative History?

Let’s face it, compiling a legislative history out of state materials isn’t easy. First off, there are forty-nine states (I kid!) and each one of them handles their legislative materials in different ways. So what’s a committed law student with very little time to do? Well, you can start by visiting this excellent research guide compiled by Jennifer …

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Bloomberg Law Reports

Now that the Harvard Law School Library has a Bloomberg terminal, you may ask yourself: why do I need a third tool (after Westlaw and Lexis) to search for legal information? The answer is simple: Westlaw and Lexis don’t have the Bloomberg Law Reports. These reports, issued periodically, provide unique insight and legal analysis into topics such as …

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Obscenity and Community Standards

With the passing of legendary comedian George Carlin, the media has taken a renewed interest in issues of freedom of speech and obscenity. The broadcasting of Carlin’s routine “Seven Dirty Words,” was the issue in the famous Supreme Court case FCC v. Pacifica (1978). However, that’s not the only famous case involving obscenity. Other cases include Roth v. …

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