Meg Kribble

Research Librarian & Outreach Coordinator at the HLS Library.

The Multi-talented Electronic Frontier Foundation

It’s time to plug in your headphones if you’re reading Et Seq. in the library! Demonstrating they have talents above and beyond their mad legal skills, the folks at the Electronic Frontier Foundation have produced a festive music video to celebrate EFF’s accomplishments this year in defending free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights in a digital world. …

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Beware of Litigious Cat

I always enjoy looking at the silly cat pictures at icanhascheezburger, but every now and then I get an extra chuckle from a law- or library-related kitty. Here’s one: Should you require more law-related lolcats for exam period stress relief, check out the photos in the Bar Exam Lolcats group in Facebook.

A Few Good Blogs

The ABA Journal has posted their second annual Blawg 100, a list of the best legal blogs. There’s something for everyone on it: news and political junkies, court watchers, law students, theorists, and those just looking for a laugh should all find something to enjoy. My favorite find? That’s What She Said, a blog by a partner at …

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A Pirate’s Life…Maybe Not for Me

On those days when I think about turning from librarianship to piracy, attacking an oil tanker with a motorboat is definitely not what I imagine. What fun would it be without billowing sails, eye patches, and Johnny Depp? Yet modern-day piracy has recently made a lot of headlines and The International Maritime Bureau’s Piracy Reporting Center has produced …

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