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  • UPS driver making a delivery

    Helping the financially vulnerable find stability

    March 25, 2021

    Last year, Harvard Law Professor Howell Jackson and students in his FinTech class worked with a national nonprofit to help the United Parcel Service create an emergency savings program for 90,000 of its nonunion workers.

  • Group of men carrying a sign that says

    A journal dedicated to promoting ‘revolutionary law’

    February 24, 2021

    On its 55th anniversary, Harvard Law Today takes a look back at the founding of the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review.

  • Young boy taking notes while watching a CNN news report

    Tribe and the other Lincoln

    January 19, 2021

    Reporter Lincoln Miller, 11, interviews Laurence Tribe ’66 on the Capitol riots and impeachment for his story in Scholastic Kids Press.

  • illustration--presidents desk with scafolding in front of it

    Reforming the Presidency

    November 16, 2020

    Jack Goldsmith speaks with the Bulletin about the most effective approach to regulating the executive branch, “the absolute low point” of presidential relations with the press, and the one issue on which he, an independent, and his co-author, a Democrat, could not agree.

  • photo of four HLS veterans

    Veterans of war and service

    November 6, 2020

    Harvard students who have served in the various branches of the Armed Forces represent a diverse range of backgrounds and experience, but all have at least one thing in common: a profound dedication to serving the nation.

  • Andrew Choi

    Andrew H. Choi ’23, Alaskan arctic warfare expert

    November 5, 2020

    Andrew H. Choi ’23 was eager for a serious challenge in his first Army posting, so he chose as radically different an environment as he could imagine: Fairbanks, Alaska.

  • Krissy Annunziata

    An intelligence past, a corporate law future

    November 5, 2020

    Krissy Annunziata, who is attending HLS virtually from her family’s farm in Ohio this semester, comes from a tradition of military service. Her parents met as students at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and both Annunziata and her older sister are graduates of the U.S. Air Force Academy.

  • Mtume Sangiewa

    Guarding POTUS

    November 5, 2020

    After training as a military police officer in the U.S. Marines, Mtume Sangiewa ’23 found himself with an extraordinary assignment: he was headed to Washington, D.C. to guard President Barack Obama ’91.

  • Iqra Saleem Khan with drawing of lemons in the background

    Making lemonade from lemons

    September 1, 2020

    When the coronavirus pandemic handed him lemons, Stefan Martinić LL.M. ’21 made lemonade—literally—and invited his Harvard Law School LL.M. classmates around the globe to join him for an online lemonade party, sparking the class to create a variety of virtual social events that have already bonded them closely.

  • Illustration of an open laptop with images of four people, on a desk with a lamp, plant, cup of coffee. Laptop is connected to a cloud and work related images.

    COVID adaptation

    August 26, 2020

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the globe, affecting every aspect of human society, Harvard Law School finds itself at a pivotal moment in legal education. From the crisis, and the challenges and opportunities of remote learning, it is wresting pedagogical innovations that are transforming what it means to get a legal education.

  • Shirley Bayle

    Striving for equality in the law

    July 27, 2020

    Shirley Bayle, who turns 100 today, looks back at her life in the law.

  • illustration

    Distance Learning Up Close

    July 23, 2020

    Teaching and learning at Harvard Law School in the first months of the pandemic

  • Julian Morimoto sits on the steps of Langdell

    First Class

    February 6, 2020

    An organization started by Harvard Law students offers community and resources for low-income and first-generation college students at the school.

  • Steve Kinsky posing in front of a wall

    ‘My Whole Life Has Been Cross-Discipline’

    January 7, 2020

    Starting and growing successful businesses, and devising solutions to some of the toughest problems in public and higher education, have more in common than may appear at first blush. Both require creativity, and both offer the opportunity to better the lives of other people, says Steve Klinsky ’81.

  • Beth Williams speaking on a panel

    ‘The Best Parts of Being a Lawyer’

    January 7, 2020

    In August 2017, after her nomination by President Donald Trump and unanimous confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Beth Williams ’04 became assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Policy in the U.S. Department of Justice. At HLS, she was president of the Harvard Federalist Society. Williams recently received a top award from the Harvard Federalist Society and was designated a 2019 D.C. Rising Star by The National Law Journal. The Bulletin interviewed Williams in the fall.

  • James R. Hoffa and Charles

    The Stepfather, Parts I, II and III

    December 19, 2019

    Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance remains a mystery. Harvard law professor Jack Goldsmith set out to solve it through the primary suspect — his beloved stepfather, from whom he had been estranged for 20 years.

  • Riley Vann portrait taken outdoors on Holmes Field at Harvard Law School

    Veterans of war and service

    November 5, 2019

    Four of the 26 current and former members of the U.S. armed forces in this year’s entering class at Harvard Law School share their experiences in the military and at HLS.

  • Portrait of Brandon Ricaurte

    ‘I knew if I didn’t join, I’d regret it for the rest of my life’

    November 5, 2019

    With a lifelong commitment to helping people in need, especially those in impoverished countries, Brandon Ricaurte joined the U.S. Army to become a Special Forces soldier, whose mission is to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

  • Portrait of Ivanka Canivus

    ‘Statistics show that a person who grew up like me should be drug addicted or maybe dead’

    November 5, 2019

    Born in Madrid, Spain, to heroin-addicted parents who neglected and abused her, and as a teenage immigrant who spoke no English when she arrived in Texas in the late 1990s, Ivanka Canzius ’22, a U.S. Army veteran, has walked a long and rocky path to Harvard Law School.

  • Portrait of Riley Vann

    Being in control of U.S. nuclear weapons taught Riley Vann how to cope—and maintain leadership—under pressure

    November 5, 2019

    As a U.S. Air Force Nuclear and Missile Operations officer, Riley Vann was one of 90 missileers whose job it was to ensure that U.S. nuclear weapons are ready to launch on command. The experience taught her how to cope—and maintain leadership—under pressure.

  • Portrait of Tony Sham

    Anthony Sham, educating via the airwaves in Afghanistan

    November 5, 2019

    U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr Anthony P. “Tony” Sham LL.M. ’20 has served in Afghanistan as a legal adviser to American military leaders and at the Pentagon as a deputy executive assistant to the Judge Advocate General of the Navy.