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Adrian Vermeule, A New Deal for Civil Liberties: An Essay in Honor of Cass R. Sunstein, 43 Tulsa L. Rev. 921 (2008).

Abstract: A central, organizing motif of Cass Sunstein's work is the effort to spell out the consequences of the New Deal for American law. I suggest that anyone who shares Sunstein's premises can and should go even farther in this direction. The logical consequence of Sunstein's views is a New Deal for all civil liberties and personal liberties. Criminal law and procedure, and cases growing out of the Global War on Terror, should be approached through New Deal lenses. All civil and personal liberties will ultimately have to justify themselves at the bar of cost-benefit analysis. This essay is prepared for a symposium on "The Scholarship of Cass R. Sunstein" to be published by the Tulsa Law Review.