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Mary Ann Glendon, Is Religious Freedom an ‘Orphaned’ Right?, in The Changing Nature of Religious Rights Under International Law ch. 1 (Malcolm Evans, Peter Petkoff & Julian Rivers eds., 2015).

Abstract: The chapter argues that whether religious freedom will rise or decline in status as a fundamental right will depend to some extent on the educational, legal, and political efforts in which many activists are engaged, but it will depend even more on the attitudes and actions of religious believers and leaders themselves. Theirs is the responsibility to educate and encourage their co-religionists to the responsible exercise of religious freedom. It is up to them to find ways to advance their religiously grounded moral viewpoints with reasoning that is intelligible to all men and women of good will. It is up to each religious group to reject ideologies that manipulate religion for political purposes, or that use religion as a pretext for violence. It is up to each religious group to find resources within its own traditions for promoting mutual respect and tolerance.