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Charles Fried, Questioning Quotas, New Republic, Dec. 26, 1983, at 9.

Abstract: Discusses the rights and aspirations of the blacks in the U.S. Suggestion that the U.S. President should make special efforts to find blacks or Hispanics to fill high government posts; Information on the Office of Federal Contract Compliance that would help to enforce racial and gender goals and timetables on virtually anyone who does business with the federal government; Statement that the power of government should be brought to bear in a coercive way on private institutions and persons primarily to assure that one treats each other justly; View that if the preferences in reverse discrimination arise from aspirations only and not as a matter of right, then the imposition of quotas, goals, and timetables by government on private institutions represents an assertion of state power with major implications; Claim that goals and quotas are a matter of justice and rights.