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Find guides on how to use WordPress, checking your pages for accessibility, and more.


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Informational Blocks

Strategic use of the custom-built blocks in the HLS site can make your content easier to read, scan, and understand. They can also help draw…

Block Basics

What is a block? Each element on your page—from a simple paragraph to a bulleted list to a set of Visual Cards—is known as a…


WPDataTables is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to create a searchable and/or sortable table. This is meant to organize large amounts of information, making…

Image Blocks

Images The image block is exactly what it sounds like—a block for images, including photos, illustrations, and other png or jpg files. The humble image…


How to Create an Event Login to WordPress and from dashboard, go to Events >> Add New Add Title in title field and event description…

How to Create a Blog

Internal blogs give departments a place to post announcements, student/alumni stories, how-to articles, and other information that has a timely element - i.e. topics you want to cover, but don’t require a regular webpage. 

How to Create a Page

In this post, we’ll go over how to build a basic page without any blocks. If you’re looking for information about block elements, many of which have been custom designed for HLS.