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Alice Lee LL.M. ’16

Credit: Lorin Granger/HLS Staff Photographer
Alice Lee LL.M. ’16

As Alice Lee LL.M. ’16 talks about her decision to pursue an LL.M. degree in the United States, she breaks into a smile. “I love animals and wildlife. I just feel something for them.” After two years practicing corporate law in Taiwan following her undergraduate dual degrees in law and biology, she decided that it was time to finally pursue her dream: work to protect animals and the environment.

As the daughter of two Harvard postdocs in biochemistry, Lee was born just across the river from HLS in the Longwood area of Boston, but grew up in Taiwan. “At every point in my schooling, my parents said, ‘What about going to the U.S.?’ After junior high, after high school, after college, and then finally I realized it was time.”

In 2012, while awaiting her Taiwan bar exam results, Lee embarked on her first formal role in environmental protection. She donned her Greenpeace outfit, and armed with her clipboard, she approached passersby on the street with petitions and a plea for donations. To her surprise, it was quite rewarding. “It’s fun. You see who you’re sharing the planet with, and these people, collectively, have the power to shape the political debate. It’s good to know what they’re thinking and why they do or don’t have a lot of concern for the environment. Even if they don’t want to become a supporter, it’s always good talking with them,” recalls Lee.

At HLS, Lee participated in the Environmental Law and Policy Clinic; enrolled in Environmental Law with Professor Jody Freeman, Wildlife Law with Lecturer on Law Jonathan Lovvorn, and the Supreme Court and Environmental Law seminar with Professor Richard Lazarus; and also audited Animal Law with Professor Kristen Stilt.

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