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Fall 2024 Seminar

Engaging China

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: No Exam

This seminar will focus on the myriad of legal and related policy questions that are central to the U.S.-P.R.C. relationship. Earlier iterations of this class have addressed issues regarding trade, human rights, technology transfer, corporate governance, climate change, corruption, foreign direct and portfolio investment, disability, Taiwan, competing visions of law and development (as played out in Africa),  and the role of lawyers. We anticipate covering a similar set of topics next fall, and may also delve into AI, sanctions, and law of the sea, among other topics.

In addressing such topics, the seminar will examine the role that China has been playing in a world order in flux. We will consider, inter alia, China’s engagement of existing global norms, ways in which China may (or may not) now or in the foreseeable future be shaping such norms, and their impact on China.  We will do so in a global setting, considering U.S. engagement of such norms, as well as that of selected other countries.

The written work for this seminar is intended to enable students to satisfy HLS’s professional writing requirement and will take the form of memos and briefing papers. We also anticipate at least two mock negotiations.