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Fall 2022 Course

Law and Economic Development

Prerequisites: None

Exam Type: Any-Day Take-Home

This course will explore past and present debates about the role of the legal order in economic development. We will explore the relationships among economic ideas, legal ideas and the development policies pursued at the national and international level in successive historical periods. We will focus on the potential for an alliance of heterogenous traditions from economics, law and other disciplines to understand development.



  • James Cypher, The Process of Economic Development (Routledge, 4rd edition, 2014)
  • Gerald M. Meier, Biography of a Subject: An Evolution of Development Economics (Oxford University Press, 2004)
  • Raphael Kaplinsky, Globalization, Poverty and Inequality (Polity Press, 2007)
  • Victor Bulmer-Thomas, The Economic History of Latin America Since Independence, (Cambridge University Press, 3rd edition, 2014)