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Oren Nimni

Lecturer on Law

Spring 2024

Oren Nimni
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Oren Nimni is a nationally recognized expert in carceral litigation. He currently serves Litigation Director at Rights Behind Bars (RBB). In this role Oren leads RBB’s docket and litigation strategy with a focus on utilizing a movement lawyering framework against prisons, jails, and immigration detention centers.

Before joining Rights Behind Bars, Oren was a Supervising Attorney at Lawyers for Civil Rights (LCR) where he directed and practiced in the organization’s immigrants’ rights and criminal justice dockets. Prior to joining LCR, Oren was a founding partner of Community Law Office, a community based private legal service firm where he represented hundreds of clients in their criminal defense matters and litigated cutting edge issues on behalf of community organizations.

Throughout his career Oren has litigated high profile cases in trial and appellate courts, including:

  • Over 35 federal appeals in federal court on behalf of clients in jails, prisons, or immigration detention centers.
  • Savino v. Souza, a COVID-19 class action that lead to the emptying and eventual closure of the Bristol County Detention Center;
  • Multiple cases as part of a successful litigation campaign to end 287(g) agreements, contracts between sheriffs and the Department of Homeland Security that allow the sheriffs to detain migrants;
  • Ryan v. ICE, a novel challenge to ICE’s ability to arrest people who have business before courts;
  • Centro Presente v. Trump, a case to retain temporary protected status for hundreds of thousands of people from El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti;
  • Jones v. City of St. Louis, a class action on behalf of hundreds of people challenging macing and punitive water deprivation practices in the St. Louis City Jail;
  • Edwards v. Ishee, challenging the shackling of a woman during labor and her involuntary withdrawal from MAT;
  • California Coalition for Women Prisoners et al v. Bureau of Prisons et al, a class action on behalf of hundreds people challenging the sexual assault and retaliation practice in a federal facility in California.

He is also the recipient of the Boston Bar Association’s 2020 President’s Award for impactful litigation in Massachusetts, and the American Constitution Society’s 2022 David Carliner Award which recognized him as a top civil rights attorney in the country for his innovative litigation tactics.

Oren has also lectured and taught courses at numerous law schools including courses on Law and Social Movements, Criminal Law, Crimmigration, and Animal Law and served as co-founder and Legal Editor of Current Affairs magazine.