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How Can We Help?

The HLS Financial Office is here to help you with any training or tools you might need to better perform your financial responsibilities.

  • Customized Frequently-Used Codes Lists
  • Assistance in customizing HART reports
  • Help with Onboarding (and Offboarding) employees with financial duties
  • Advice and support in setting up business processes so tasks that need to get done get done
  • Helping you sign up for trainings and system access
  • Assisting with difficult transactions, policy questions and procedural issues

Contact the Financial Office

Each department and program has been assigned to a specific member of the Finance Office staff for support and transaction approvals. Find your Finance Office representative, or feel free to reach out to any member of our team or call us at 617-495-4607 if you cannot reach your usual contact.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Where do I get all the forms I need to process transactions?
A: We have many of the most frequently-used forms on the Commonly Used Financial Forms page.

Q: Is it okay to use 7650 or 7670 for all travel or should we use individual travel codes (7651, 7652 etc.)? If we use 7650, how do we reflect the different charges for airfare, hotel, etc.?
A: It is up to the department if they need specificity with object codes. Charges for airfare, lodging, etc. can be lumped together in terms of account coding but do need to be listed individually on the expense form so we know how you arrived at the total.

Q: What receipts are required?
A: $75 or higher for corporate card purchases, reimbursements or pcard charges require submission of receipts. Receipts must show the actual purchase occurring: invoices, itineraries and estimates are not accepted.

Q: Are there goods and services we should NOT be submitting for payment or reimbursement?
A: Yes! Among the disallowed items are anything to do with:

  • a birthday, wedding or baby shower
  • personal expenses and services
  • first-class and other extravagant travel arrangements
  • very high gratuities
  • political contributions
  • most fines and penalties, except cancellations directly related to business purposes

Important note about gift cards: Before buying any gifts or gift cards, you must refer to the related policies or reach out to your Finance Contact for guidance – gift cards are considered cash by the IRS and are rarely allowed and must never be purchased with a PCard.