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Housing options at HLS include living in a shared suite, apartment, or house with other HLS students. This can happen on an individual basis where students secure a room without a predetermined suitemate, or through organized groups created during the housing application process. This setup allows for a diverse range of living situations, accommodating both individual preferences and the potential to form connections with other HLS students.

Shared suites, apartments and houses are as follows:

  • Hastings Hall – Here there are 32 suites with a two-bedroom configuration. Hastings Hall is a dynamic gender resident hall where suitemates must be of the same gender.
  • 1637 Massachusetts Avenue – There are four two-bedroom coed efficiency apartments and one two-bedroom coed apartment.
  • 3 Mellen Street – This is a three-bedroom coed house.
  • 5 Mellen Street – This is a seven-bedroom coed house where rooms are available in three sizes.

What is a Group

A group is a collection of eligible HLS students who would like to live together in the same suite, apartment, or house.

If you are looking to create a two-person group for a Hastings Hall suite, you must be of the same gender. Groups for the apartments and houses may be coed.

Forming a Group

Groups are created during the initial housing application process. Groups must be formed before the housing application deadline.

Although a group can have as few as two students, the group is not limited to only two-bedroom suites/apartments. For example, a group of two students may opt to secure two rooms in 5 Mellen Street which has seven rooms.

Group Lottery Timeslots

Group members will be given various timeslots in the lottery assignment.

Room Selection as a Group

It is most common that the member with the earliest lottery timeslot enter the portal and create a booking for other group members.

The group member who selects on behalf of the group should make sure to notify all group members that bookings have been created.

Being in a group does not restrict students from viewing available rooms in inventory. During room selection students can decide if they would like to select a space for themselves individually, or continue as part of a group.

Signing Housing Contracts

Each member of a group who has a newly created booking will have 24-hours to sign their OWN room license agreement/apartment lease before the booking is automatically cancelled and the room is returned to inventory for selection.

If one group member signs their room license agreement/apartment lease contract and another group member fails to sign their contract, ONLY the student who did not sign their contract will find their room reservation as expired. The group member who did sign their contract before the deadline will NOT lose their own room assignment.

Future Options

  • If one of the suitemates, for any reason, cancels their HLS Housing application, it will dissolve the group that they are in. However; it will not delete the application or room reservation of their groupmate(s).
  • Once group members have been assigned to a dorm-style room (Apartments cannot be changed), any member of that group can individually swap their room using Room Swap. If one groupmate changes or cancels their reservation, this will not impact their groupmates’ reservation. The open vacancy will immediately be released into the inventory for others to select from.

About your Suitemate(s)

If you end up with a multi-room suite, apartment or house where you were not in a group and would like to know more about your suitemate(s), please check Amicus.