Episode 18: Ciara Swan

Episode 18: Ciara Swan

Ciara Swan, HR Generalist

However, she took a pause and reevaluated her goals and career, which led her to work in HR. She applied for a job as the HR Assistant at HLS, and quickly grew from there. She talks about how grateful she is for the support she received from Roxanne Armbruster at the beginning, giving her a chance to grow and develop on this new path. They talk about her career change, flipping coins, and her co-workers Melanie Baez and Karen Gray. We also talk about her work in HR, her bucket list, and her visit to Dingle again, one of the most amazing places in Ireland.

Some fun facts about Ciara:

-Her favorite childhood memory is Summers down the Cape with her extended family at her grandmother’s cottage.
-She wants to visit Australia one day!
-If she could tell her younger self anything, it would be that change can be scary, but so rewarding.
-She hopes that people will always remember the joy she brought to their life.

The goal of this podcast is to introduce folks to HLS staff members from across the community. You may recognize the names of some guests, and if you don’t, that’s okay!  We hope that you will tune in to learn more about your colleagues—what their role is, what makes them tick, and why they do the work that they do at HLS.  If you’re interested in being a guest, please let us know—we would love to hear your story. Our stories bring us together; we come from different backgrounds and serve all different roles, but our shared community at HLS unites us. Let us hear your story! 

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