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Our library spaces are designed to give you the best environment to get your work done.

Private Group Study Rooms

2 students sit in a private room and have a conversation

We have 10 rooms you can reserve for group study sessions.

Rooms include:

  • Monitors for screen sharing
  • White board and markers
  • Tables and chairs

2nd (main) floor in rooms Langdell 209 A-G

3rd floor (available after 6:00pm)

1 reservation per day for up to 3 hours

Make a Reservation

Open Study & Collaboration Spaces

A room with several private study desks where 2 students are doing work on laptops.

Individual Study Desks

We have individual study desks on the 3rd and 4th floors.  These desks are:

  • Available first-come, first-served
  • Not reservable
  • May not be used to store library material or personal belongings

Best for working quietly with minimal distractions

Phone Rooms

A student participates in a video call on a laptop in a room with a sign that reads,

Private Phone Rooms

Use our private talking spaces to take phone calls when you’re in the library

  • On the 2nd and 3rd Floor
  • Not reservable
  • For quick phone calls

Spaces & Amenities by Floor

  • 4th Floor

    A-KFZ number range


    • Reading Room
    • Caspersen Room
    • Root Room


    • Restrooms
    • Coffee/Tea (bring your own mug)
    • Water Dispenser

    Noise Level
    Quiet Zone

  • 3rd Floor

    Reference and Reference Desk Books


    • Faculty offices
    • Librarian offices
    • Reference Room
    • Study area with individual desks
    • After-hours Private Group Study Rooms
    • Westlaw & Bloomberg computer room (L353)


    • Restrooms
    • Water dispenser
    • Private Phone Rooms
    • Scanners, printers, copiers
    • Chess Tables

    Noise Level

    • Collaboration Zone in Reference Room
    • Quiet Zone in 3 North
  • 2nd (main) Floor

    At the Circulation Desk:

    • Reserves
    • Study guides
    • Tech equipment
    • Games


    • Fishman Room and Seminar Rooms (232 to 233)
    • Lemann Lounge
    • Private Group Study Rooms
    • Library Administration offices – 294
    • Circulation Desk


    • Restrooms
    • Printers, scanners, copiers
    • Water dispenser
    • Coffee/Tea (bring your own mug)

    Noise Level
    Collaboration zone and designated phone zone

  • 1st Floor

    Islamic Reference, Call Numbers KGA-KKH

    Noise Level
    Quiet Zone

  • Basement

    Call Numbers KKH-Z

    Noise Level
    Quiet Zone

Printers, Scanners, & Other Equipment



Printers are available to HLS students throughout the library.

HLS students can print throughout the library using Papercut. Learn about Papercut software, printing costs, and billing.



  • 2nd (main) floor
  • 3rd-floor Scanner Room (L352)
  • 4th floor

Photocopies cost 10 cents per page.



  • 3rd-floor Scanner Room (L352)

Scanning is free and the instructions are attached to each machine.

Other Equipment

We have several other items available to check out at the Circulation Desk including:

  • Laptop chargers
  • Laptop risers
  • Headphones

Library Services for Persons with Disabilities

We are committed to making our spaces and collections accessible to all scholars and researchers. Please contact Access/Circulation, 617-495-3455 or to ask about available library services.