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The following is a comprehensive list of webpages within the Office of Career Services section of the Law School’s website. If you have questions about our website or want to report errors please email us at

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About OCS

OCS Appointments and Drop-Ins

OCS Drop-In Hours and Zoom Contact Info

OCS Events Calendar

OCS Hours and Directions

OCS Staff Directory

Accessing Hire Ground and Managing Your Email Subscription

How To Use CSM


Employer Recruiting Policies and Guidelines

Student Recruiting and Interview Program Policies

Reciprocity Policy

Getting Started with OCS

Information for 1Ls

Information for 2Ls

Information for 3Ls

Information for LL.M. Students

Information for Joint Degree Students

Information for International Students

Information for Alumni

Career Research

Researching and Choosing Practice Areas

Beyond Big Law Podcast Library

Practice Area Podcast Library

Practice Settings in the Private Sector

Types of Law Firms

In-House Counsel

Judicial Clerkships

Alternative Careers Where J.D.s are Preferred

Introduction to Management Consulting

Build Consulting Credentials

Apply for Consulting Jobs

Introduction to Investment Banking

Build Investment Banking Credentials

Apply for Investment Banking Jobs

Law Teaching

Considerations Before Deciding on a Path Outside of the Law

Asia Legal Market

Atlanta Legal Market

Boston Legal Market

Canada Legal Market

Chicago Legal Market

Denver Legal Market

Europe Legal Market

London Legal Market

Miami Legal Market

New York Legal Market

Northern California Legal Market

Philadelphia Legal Market

Seattle Legal Market

Southern California Legal Market

Texas Legal Market

Washington, DC Legal Market

Networking and Attending Employer Events

How to Find HLS Alumni

Networking and Informational Interviews

Networking for LL.M. Students

OCS Employer Events

Additional Resources for Career Research

Diversity in Law Firms and DEI Policies and Programs

How to Search for Small and Midsized Firms

How to Use Firm Prospects

Law Firm Pronunciation Guide

OCS Program Library

Practice Area Placement, Rotation Systems, and Work Assignments

Pro Bono Work in Law Firms

Researching Exit Options

Researching Law Firm Benefits

Salary Information in the Private Sector

Self-Directed Learning with Hotshot

Student Summer Employer Evaluations

Using Law Firm Websites to Help Ascertain Firm Culture

Job Search and Applications

1L Job Search in the Private Sector

1L Career Advising

Introduction to 1L Career Advising           

1L Job Search Overview 

OCS 1L Job Search Resources


Where Do 1Ls Work?

2L Job Search in the Private Sector

Overseas-Trained LL.M. Interview Program

Contract and Temporary Lawyering

Finding a Job At Another Law Firm

Handling a Lay-Off

How to Find a Career Coach

Job Searching While Clerking

Re-Entering the Law After Taking a Leave

Using Headhunters

Application Materials for the Private Sector

Cover Letters for Alumni

Cover Letters for LL.M. Students

Cover Letters for the Private Sector

OCS Resume Review Program

References for LL.M. Students

References for the Private Sector Job Search

Resumes and Deal/Representative Matters Sheets for Alumni

Resumes for LL.M. Students

Resumes for the Private Sector

Transcript for the Private Sector Job Search

Writing Sample for the Private Sector

Writing Samples for LL.M. Students

Your Online Presence and LinkedIn Profile

Recruiting Programs and Direct Applications to Employers

Early Interview Program (EIP)

International Summer Employment Program

Resume Book Program

Spring Interview Program (SIP)

Applying Directly to Employers

CSM Job Bank and HLS Job Postings

Diversity Scholarships and Fellowships

Job Fairs

Job Listing Sites and Resources

Early Interview Program (EIP)

Understanding Preview and EIP

Early Interview Program (EIP) Podcasts and Videos

EIP Dates and Deadlines

EIP Information for Joint Degree, Visiting and SJD Students

EIP Firm Fair

EIP for Transfer Students

How EIP Fits Into Your Career Goals

Preview and EIP Week FAQs

EIP Roadmap

Build Your Preview and EIP Bid Lists

EIP Employer List and Survey Info

EIP Interview Tracker

EIP Recruiter Contact Information

EIP Statistics

Prepare and Upload Materials for Preview and EIP Week

EIP Bidding

Add and Drop Assigned EIP Interviews

Assess Firm Selectivity

Bidding and Interviewing in Multiple Cities

Enter Bids for EIP Resume Collections

Enter Bids for EIP Week

Finalize, Rank, and Submit EIP Bid List for Review

Record EIP Interview Conflicts

View Your EIP Interview Schedule

EIP Preview

Enter Bids for EIP Preview

Impact of EIP Preview Experience on EIP Bidding

Schedule and Manage EIP Preview Interviews and Offers

EIP Week

Actions to Take Prior to EIP Week

EIP Week

Interviews, Offers, On the Job

Interviews in the Private Sector

Preparing for the Interview

Behavioral Interview Questions

Callback Interview Logistics

Dressing for the Interviews, Receptions, and Work

Follow Up and Thank You Letters

Interview Pitfalls

Preparing Your Space for Virtual Interviews

Psychometric Assessments

Questions Employers May Ask You

Questions to Ask Employers

Sample Responses to Common Firm Emails and Calls

What to Expect and Conducting the Interview

1L Mock Interview Program

EIP Mock Interview Program


Evaluating Firm Stability

Evaluating Firms for Your Own Success

Evaluating Offers

Holding and Responding to Offers

Logistics and Terms for Law Firms Offers

Negotiating Offers from Small and Midsized Firms

Offer Dinners and Virtual Events

Post Offer or Second Look Visits

Splitting the Summer

On the Job and Professionalism

Professionalism Primer

From Student to Associate: Navigating the Transition

Law Firm Economics

Understand Your Law Firm’s Business Model

Understand Performance Evaluations

Judicial Clerkships

Judicial Clerkships from HLS

Clerkship Program Library

Timeline for Clerkship Applications

Timeline for Clerkship Applications

Judicial Internships

Judicial Clerkship Roadmap

Clerkship Reporting, Evaluations, and Notifications

OCS Clerkship Information For HLS Faculty and Assistants

General Guidelines for U.S. Supreme Court Clerkships

HLS Contacts for SCOTUS

Mailing Address and Salutation for SCOTUS

Specific Practices, by SCOTUS Justice

Research Judicial Clerkships

Considering Clerkships as a Transfer Student

Developing Faculty Recommendations

Evaluate Strategy Versus Grade Profile

Factors to Consider about Individual Judges

Financial Factors for Clerking

Geographic Considerations for Clerkships

Importance of Researching Judges

Initial List of Judges

International Clerkships

International Court of Justice Judicial Fellows Programme

Lists of HLS Clerks

Clerkships Without U.S. Citizenship

Number, Mix, and Waves of Judges

Positioning Yourself for Clerkship Applications

Researching Judges as Supervisors

Types of Courts

Types of Judges

When to Clerk

Why Clerk and Common Misconceptions

Clerkship Materials and Application Logistics

Cover Letters for Clerkships

Resume for Clerkships

Transcripts for Clerkships

Writing Sample for Clerkships

Review of Clerkship Application Materials

Faculty Recommendation Logistics

Judges’ Contact Information

Methods of Submission for Clerkship Applications

Nominees to Become New Judges

Non-HLS-Faculty Recommendation Logistics

Openings for Clerkships

Recommenders Calling Judges

Requesting Recommendation Letters

Selecting Recommendation Writers

Submission of Clerkship Applications

Taking Stock After Submitting Clerkship Applications

Updates to Clerkship Applications

Clerkship Interviews, Offers, On the Job 

Clerkship Reporting, Evaluations, and Notifications

Clerkship Interview Issue 

Preparing for Clerkship Interviews

Strategy for Scheduling Clerkship Interview

Thank You Notes to Judges

Clerkship Offers

Offer from Law Firm While Seeking Clerkship

Summer Employer re Clerkship Interviews or Offer

Withdrawing Outstanding Clerkship Applications

Post-Clerkship Employment

Restrictions Based on Ethics Rules

For Employers

Connect with HLS Students

Posting a Job

Recruiting Programs for Employers

Early Interview Program for Employers

EIP Preview FAQs for Employers

International Summer Employment Program for Employers

Resume Book Program for Employers

Spring Interview Program (SIP) for Employers

Additional Pages of Interest

Recent Employment Data

HLS Academic Calendar

Office of Public Interest Advising