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Through the Resume Book Program (RBP), Harvard Law School students submit resumes and transcripts for consideration by law firms. The objective of the program is to allow firms to quickly identify competitive candidates as hiring needs become clearer. Student applications can be retrieved in Symplicity.

How It Works

Students submit applications through Symplicity for specific office locations of firms in which they are interested. The applications are not submitted broadly; rather, students must indicate the specific firm and office to apply. In order to help you manage your outreach efforts effectively, students are encouraged to cancel their applications as soon as they accept an offer that would preclude them from interviewing with other firms.

Using Symplicity, you can retrieve applications from 2L & 3L students from August 10 to August 25, 2023. If you have a hiring need for another office that is not covered by the RBP, please let us know. We are collecting resumes for the 11 markets detailed below and may have additional candidates to meet your needs.

To access RBP applications, please take the following steps:

  1. Login to Symplicity
  2. Select the “Interview Program” tab, followed by the “Resume / Schedule Packets” sub-tab.
  3. All packets will be labeled as “mm/dd/yyyy Resume Book Program for [your firm’s name]”. Click the PDF icon to review the application materials.

Scheduling Interviews

You are encouraged to contact students of interest directly for interviews. We strongly encourage all interviews to be conducted virtually.

BostonHong Kong
Northern California (San Francisco metro area)
Southern California (Los Angeles metro area)
New York
Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston)
Washington, DC


We welcome firm and alumni participation in our programming. For all inquiries, contact us at