We maintain a searchable online resource and communication center for attorneys and judges in Texas child protection cases. The resource center holds case opinions, articles (including social science and other non-legal articles), statutes, links to other organizations, briefs, forms, etc. All resources are coded with search topics so our users can find resources efficiently. We have about 2,900 search topics to choose from.

Students are needed to update citations and download PDFs of opinions from court sites, where they are free of copyright issues. A student would learn Texas citation form, be exposed to recent child protection opinions from the 14 Texas appellate courts and the Texas Supreme Court, and become familiar with searching the Texas courts website. 

Another major project for law students occurs after the Texas Legislature’s biannual session concludes. The next session is in spring 2023, ending in May. We then update current statutes in the online center with amendments and upload new statutes to our online resource center. Students review legislation and enter data into spreadsheets for uploading.

Students also may create spreadsheets describing articles which entails entering details such as author and date, and summary. In addition, special one-time projects may be needed.

While these projects would be a great opportunity for a student who is interested in practicing in Texas, we welcome anyone wishing to fulfill pro bono hours or who is interested in the child protection field.

Eligible for HLS pro bono credit.

If interested, email Beecher Threatt, Senior Research Attorney (beecher1408@sbcglobal.net) with a cc: to Lee Mestre (lmestre@law.harvard.edu) in OCP.