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In order to provide one streamlined and efficient hiring process for all student workers and those hiring student workers, please follow our hiring process as outlined below.

Hiring Process

Please note, all student workers must complete their legal work authorization paperwork with HR prior to commencing work with any faculty member, department, program, or clinic.

Useful Resources

For Student Hires:

First Steps for Faculty Assistants/Hiring Contacts/Faculty

  • First Steps for Faculty Assistants/Faculty

    As soon as you know you want to hire a student – Complete the Request to hire Harvard Student Form.

    • To complete the form, you will be required to request personal information from the student you are hiring.  Please use our standard Student Hire Information Request Template to request this information from the student.  Once you receive the information, you may submit the Request to hire Harvard Student Form using the relevant information
    • If the student is outside of the US– Given payroll guidelines & international labor laws, HLS cannot hire the student. You may submit a request to hire this student upon their return to the US.
    • If your intention is to hire a teaching fellow (TF), the course must meet the requirement of having at least 20 enrolled students.  If your course has fewer than 20 students, please reach out to to explore an exception. 
    • Faculty are encouraged to hire current HLS students. Please email your HR Business Partner if you are interested in hiring an alum.
  • First Steps for Student Workers
    • Once you are asked to work as Research Assistant, Teaching Fellow, etc., please connect with the Faculty Assistant or Faculty member intending to hire you. They will kick off the process and you will receive an email prompting you with instructions regarding next steps.
    • After a request to hire has been submitted by a Faculty Assistant or Faculty member, if action is needed on your part during the onboarding process you will receive an email with the subject “Action Needed.” Depending on your case, you may need to complete the Federal I-9 form, apply for a social security number, or both. If you do not receive an “Action Need” email, you do not need to complete any task in order to onboard, but you should wait to begin working until you have received an appointment letter.
    • Click here for a list of accepted documents for the Federal I-9 Form.
    • Please note, if you are a foreign national student, your documentation must be valid through your entire term appointment. 
    • As a reminder, student workers cannot work more than 20 hours per week while classes are in session.  If you hold multiple appointments, please be sure to keep your total number of hours worked for all positions within this limit.
  • Highlights from the Graduate Student Union Contract
    • Research Assistants perform research to support faculty or principle investigators conducting research with a program; they will be paid the hourly rate of $21.00 per hour effective July 1st, 2023.
    • Teaching Fellows perform instructional services, teaching, advising, etc.; they will be paid the hourly rate of $21.00 per hour effective July 1st, 2023.
    • Student workers cannot work more than 20 hours per week while classes are in session. 

HR Contact

  • Students who are working for a clinic or program can contact the HR Business Partner associated with their clinic or program with any work related questions.
  • Students who are working directly for a faculty member can contact the Student Hires Team with questions.

Union Contract

For your reference, you can find the complete agreement between Harvard and the Graduate Student Union here.

You can also visit the Graduate Student Union website for more information.