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All student organizations and journals hosting lunchtime events must end events on time and leave the room in a presentable fashion for the next class or event to use. End times are noted in the room confirmation sent to you from the Office of Event Scheduling and Support. Should your group not end a lunchtime event at the stated end time on your room confirmation, your group will lose lunchtime reservation privileges for a full semester (for example: if you violate this rule half way through the fall semester, you will lose privileges until half way through the spring semester).

Please note that many classrooms become available at 12:15 PM and the room reservation may end at 1:15 PM. This leaves less than one hour for a speaker to present, so please plan accordingly (especially if serving food). Take into account the time it takes to have attendees enter and exit the room, get food, and clean up at the end. Most importantly, please prepare your speakers and invited guests for a realistic presentation time of 30 minutes.

For Student Organizations: the designated Event Coordinator will be the main contact in charge of making sure all of the above is complied with.