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Subscriptions for 2024

The subscription cycle for 2024 has concluded.

Subscription agencies please email for more information.

William S. Hein & Co. handles subscriptions for Harvard Law School journals/publications. Please contact William S. Hein & Co. for information on prices for bound volumes and past issues.

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Please note, subscriptions may only be discontinued at the expiration of the annual subscription period. The number of issues per year may be subject to change. Refunds will not be issued for any subscription orders.

Journal Subscription Rates for 2024 Print Issues

Name of Student JournalDomesticInternational
Harvard Business Law Review $46.00 $57.00
Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review $46.00 $57.00
Harvard Environmental Law Review $46.00 $57.00
Harvard Human Rights Journal $35.00 $40.00
Harvard International Law Journal $46.00 $57.00
Harvard Journal of Law & Gender $46.00 $57.00
Harvard Journal on Legislation $46.00 $57.00
Harvard Latin American Law Review $35.00 $40.00
Harvard Law & Policy Review $55.00 $67.00
Harvard Negotiation Law Review $46.00 $51.00
*The number of issues per year is subject to change. Annual subscriptions are for Print Materials developed and distributed from January 31, 2024 – December 31, 2024.

Annual Print Journals

  • Harvard Business Law Review

    The Harvard Business Law Review (HBLR) stands at the intersection of law and business. Publishing thematic issues that feature short, policy-oriented essays from academics, practitioners, and regulators, HBLR promises to bridge the worlds of theory and practice. For students, the journal provides an unmatched opportunity to engage with business law beyond the classroom.

  • Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review

    Founded in 1966 as a “journal of revolutionary constitutional law,” the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review has become the nation’s leading progressive law journal. Our mission is to promote social change and intellectual debate through the publication and advancement of innovative legal scholarship, and we are committed to exploring new directions and perspectives in the struggle for social justice and equality. CR-CL fosters progressive dialogue within the legal community by publishing two issues annually, featuring innovative articles. Recent volumes address such issues as affirmative action, civil liberties in the aftermath of September 11th, housing and employment discrimination, the rights of immigrants, and criminal justice. CR-CL is also committed to fostering progressive dialogue on the Harvard Law School campus and serves as an intellectual and social meeting place for a diverse group of progressive students. Visit for more information.

  • Harvard Environmental Law Review

    The Harvard Environmental Law Review is one of the nation’s leading environmental law journals, and has been dedicated to publishing high-quality, cutting-edge scholarship for over 30 years. ELR publishes two issues each year on a wide variety of topics, including climate change, air and water pollution regulation, energy, land use, international environmental law, administrative law, and law and economics. ELR is committed both to making major contributions to the field of environmental law and to providing substantive learning opportunities to its staff.

  • Harvard Human Rights Journal

    The Harvard Human Rights Journal publishes annually in conjunction with the Law School’s Human Rights Program. The Journal provides a forum for scholarship on a broad range of topics related to human rights, international human rights law, and international humanitarian law. The Journal publishes cutting-edge pieces by academics, human rights practitioners, government and international organization officials, and law students alike. The Journal also hosts an annual Human Rights Conference at the Law School.

  • Harvard International Law Journal

    The oldest and most-cited student-edited journal of international law, the Harvard International Law Journal covers a wide variety of topics in public and private international law. The Journal publishes articles and comments in international, comparative, and foreign law, as well as the role of international law in U.S. Courts and the international ramifications of U.S. domestic law. The ILJ also publishes student-written work. In addition to an annual Student Note Competition, the ILJ publishes student-written pieces on recent developments in international law and reviews of new books in the field.

  • Harvard Journal of Law & Gender

    The Harvard Journal of Law and Gender, formerly the Harvard Women’s Law Journal, is among the nation’s foremost student-edited feminist law journals. Since its first publication in 1978, the Journal has been devoted to developing and advancing feminist jurisprudence and to combining legal analysis with political, economic, historical, and sociological perspectives. In recent years, the Journal has published leading articles by professors, practitioners, and students on varied topics, including domestic violence, sexual harassment, reproductive rights, transgender legal rights, and women in the military.

  • Harvard Journal on Legislation

    The Harvard Journal on Legislation is the foremost student-edited journal on legislation and legislative reform. Published twice a year, the Journal presents pieces from academics, members of Congress, practitioners, and current students. In addition, one issue each year features articles developed around the annual symposium on an important topic of public policy. The Journal deals with a range of legislative topics, including Affirmative Action, punitive damages, family law, executive agency regulation, and anti-terrorism legislation.

  • Harvard Latin American Law Review

    The Harvard Latin American Law Review (HLALR) provides a forum for the scholarly discussion of legal issues affecting Latin American communities in the United States. Recent articles (Volume 25) have addressed issues including ineffective assistance of counsel in the crimmigration context, the exclusion of Puerto Rico’s municipalities from the 1984 Amendments to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, and the international legal implications of Trump-era removal practices for asylees.

  • Harvard Law & Policy Review

    The Harvard Law & Policy Review provides a prominent forum for debate and discussion of innovative progressive and moderate legal policy ideas, analysis and proposals. The Review invites innovative approaches to policy challenges by progressive legal scholars, policymakers, and practitioners. HLPR serves as a nexus between the worlds of academia, policy-making, and practice, with a focus on promoting first-rate scholarship with practical application to societal challenges. HLPR is the official national journal of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS).

  • Harvard Negotiation Law Review

    The Harvard Negotiation Law Review is a semi-annual journal dedicated to publishing academic articles on alterative dispute resolution that would be of interest to legal scholars, professionals, and practitioners. Alternative dispute resolution is the fastest growing section of the American bar Association and has become a primary focus of research and scholarship in the legal profession. HNLR publishes on topics as diverse as the role of religious fundamentalism in international negotiations the success rate of student mediations in elementary schools, and game theoretic approaches to negotiation.

Missing Issues

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