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Student organizations greatly enhance the law student experience by providing an opportunity to connect with a community of students who share common interests and goals.

HLS has groups that gather around legal interest areas, hobbies, identity, community service, advocacy, and more. Student organizations create spaces where students can engage in activities that promote personal growth, develop leadership skills, and build community.

HLS recognizes the vital contributions that student organizations make to the quality of life of law students and offers support for student leaders in developing initiatives that engage students. Student organization resources, policies, and procedures are available below.

“The HLS community is everything to me, particularly my community in the Black Law Students Association.” 

—Alexis Alvarez ’21
Exterior of the WCC

Helpful Tools

The HLS Student Leader Toolkit is a great list of resources and tools to help develop strong leadership skills. The Harvard Law School Library has also compiled a comprehensive Libguide with additional tools for leadership development.

View the HLS Student Leader Toolkit