HLS Urbanists: If you’re interested in getting more involved and shaping what we do this semester, please consider applying for the board. The work commitment is minimum. This is a chance to engage with and grow the community of urban aficionados at HLS.

Here is a list of positions for the HLS Urbanist Board:

Comptroller: Treasurer, in charge of keeping tabs on the budget and approving expenses for events.

Chief Policy Officer: Events coordinator, in charge of organizing 1-2 academic events a semester with the help of the rest of the board. This position can have multiple applicants.

Chief of Communications: Communications chair, in charge of sending Urbanists newsletter every other week.

Chief of Staff: Social chair, in charge of organizing 1-2 social events a semester with the help of the rest of the board. Events can be for all HLS urbanists or just the board.

Chief of Intergovernmental Affairs: External operations chair, in charge of communicating with other groups for co-sponsorships to expand HLS Urbanists’ reach at HLS.

Please find the google form here: https://forms.gle/cAX31eFKaEthj73d6

If you have any questions, please email hlsurbanists@gmail.com.